As I watched the clouds float by, the night came

Physical theatre and Multimedia

Do we have more rights to our planet and its resources than any other life form? The creation of this piece comes from a desire to speak about the ecological impact of our living standards. It is our way to analyse if we are really engaged to change the world or if we are being carried away by the inertia of our own habits. Seeing that we have probably entered the Anthropocene, the new geological epoch created by humanity that has permanently changed life on planet Earth, it is up to us to create new ways of living before we are overtaken by these changes. This show is our effort to draw attention to what we do not seem to see. Instead of continuing to watch the clouds float by until the moment night will come.


Dramaturgy, Direction, Costumes: Nicole Pschetz

Digital devices and robot, Sound design and composition, Lighting design: Joseph Jaouen

Scenography: Nicole Pschetz et Joseph Jaouen

Performed by Julie Jourdes, Nicole Pschetz and Joseph Jaouen

« O Guarani » performed by Fabio Melo

This project was created with the association Poulpe Électrique and it counted with the support of:

Photo: Joseph Jaouen

Director, Perfomer, Writer