As I watched the clouds float by, the night came

“Besides, it never used to be right to mend clothes.
Throw them away when they’ve got holes in them and buy new[…]. Mending’s anti-social.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

As I watched the clouds float by, the night came will be a a poetic, dark and tragicomic show where a speaking Minitel, the French machine that was once the precursor to the Internet, will be last witness of human existence. Technological development, the key to the continuity to our species, will have arrived to a dead end. The phantom presences of a domesticated sloth and a woman in search of the lost Amazon will play with the signs of the Anthropocene. We will invite the spectator to a universe where visual metaphors and multimedia devices will show through an unexpected angle the impact of our contemporary issues in humanity’s fate.

We will play with our tendency to believe that if we do not see it, then it does not exist. And that we will continue to watch the clouds floating by until the night will finally come.

This project is being created with the association Poulpe Électrique. It is currently in its development phase and it already counts with the support of:

Photo: Joseph Jaouen

Performing Artist