Photo: Joseph Jaouen

Feminine, but Elastic is a physical theatre show about how the media influences women’s lives in the western world. It has been developed in the heart of the association Poulpe Électrique,  and with the support of Anis Gras, Le lieu de l’autre (Arcueil, France). It aimed to highlight issues related to a mass dissemination of role models that seem to have standardised many women’s behaviour throughout the years. Taking as a starting point my own experience as a Brazilian woman living in Europe, I looked at imposed stereotypes on Latin women, and the consequent negative image generated by those. The dramaturgy has also looked at other references such as feminine magazines, several types of advertisement that target women, marketing strategies that are female-oriented, fashion, and popular music. At the same time, it has tackled issues that are inherent to this material such as objectification, violence, bullying, and abuse. The result is a collage of the many contemporary role models that might constitute an ideal but above all unreal woman. Feminine, but Elastic was premiered in April 2016.

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Director, Perfomer, Writer