LA OLA (THE WAVE) – Oval House, London (2010)

Physical theatre piece inspired by the short story Mi Vida Con La Ola by Octavio Paz. Commissioned by the CASA Latin American Theatre Festival as part of their SCRATCH Night in 2010. Co-created, co-directed and co-performed with Antonio Blanco, this is the piece that sets the beginning of our company Energinmotion Physical Theatre.

BE LONELY WITH ME – St Pancras International Station, London (2011)

Site-specific performance created for the St Pancras International Station in London. Eleven physical performers are spread around the station portraying repetitive actions that reveal their inner loneliness. Be Lonely With Me was a visual poem about how urban life affects our personal lives.

MARIA-OLGA – Festival MIMESIS I, Montreuil (2012)

This is a solo performance I created that was directed by Antonio Blanco for the first edition of the festival MIMESIS I in Montreuil (France).  Inspired by the short story Tragedia by the Chilean writer Vicente Huidobro, this piece aimed to work realistic actions that would progress towards stylisation.

WHERE THE NIGHTS ARE BLUE AND ELECTRIC –  Resistance Gallery, London (2012)

Physical theatre show co-created and co-directed with Antonio Blanco. This piece counted with the participation of John Andrew Cunnington as the third character in search of a definition of ‘love’. Supported by the Resistance Gallery in London, this work was performed in April and July 2012.

Director, Perfomer, Writer