About Me

I was born in Brazil, and like every other citizen of that country I am a hybrid of a few nationalities: Eastern and Western European countries, and Indigenous Brazilian. I grew up in the South and when I was fifteen years old I moved to São Paulo, where I had my first contact with theatre classes by joining a Saturday morning group. Three years later I was selected through a long audition process to be part of TUSP (Theatre of the University of São Paulo), a theatre troupe that had the commitment to produce a new show yearly, even with limited resources. This experience encouraged me to apply for a place at the renowned University of Campinas, where I completed my studies in Performing Arts – Drama in 2002.

In 2003 I moved to London to pursue further skills. I trained in Mime and Physical Theatre with the Theatre de L’Ange Fou for four years, and completed a MA in Acting for the Screen at Drama Centre London. In 2012 I decided to slightly change my approach to the Arts and went to study for a Post Graduate Diploma in Arts Management at the Birkbeck College.  

Since I left the Theatre  de L’Ange Fou, I have worked in projects for theatre companies, in films, in collaborative processes with other artists to develop new work, and co-founded the company Energinmotion Physical Theatre, which was active between 2010 and 2013. I worked as a physical theatre performer, actress, director, producer, or a combination of a few (or all) these roles. Because of my ability in multitasking and the desire of developing a sense of continuity in my practice, in 2014 I started  a solo journey.

That led me to the creation of a solo piece entitled Feminine, but Elastic, which has been developed in France in collaboration with a multimedia artist. The physical theatre show is based on a research I started in the beginning of 2013 about the impact of media in women’s lives in western society. At that time I started to study feminism, and this led me to think more in depth about how much women have been the centre of my work, if that was a clear choice or not, and the reasons behind my choice.



Performing Artist